In its new season, _Don’t Call Me Resilient_ brings you the news — through an anti-racist lens 🎧

We’re getting ready to bring you Season 5 of Don’t Call Me Resilient, our podcast that takes on systemic racism and the ways it permeates so many aspects of our everyday lives.

For this season, which we launch on March 30, we’ll be getting a little newsier, recording in real time.

Have a listen to our trailer here and read on to learn a bit more.

We’ll be talking about both big news stories and those more under-reported from an anti-racist lens. We’ll be getting into everything from breaking news events, to the aftermath of large political shifts in our social landscape (think the human fallout of Roe v. Wade overturning). One thing will remain the same: the crucial role of storytelling in surviving our current world and building a better one.

As we live through historic overlapping and interrelated crises, we’ll focus on imagining a better future together.

Listen in and stay tuned. And if you have ideas that you would love to see covered, we’d especially love to hear from you. Email us at

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