The dependable Holy Spirit

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One thing I am so grateful to the Father and Jesus Christ for is giving to us the Holy Spirit who reminds us of the Word and His promises, comforts us, guides us into the truth and helps us in our weaknesses. More than our Advocate, He is the closest and most trusted Friend you’ll ever have.

I say He is the very heart of God, so pure, perfect, gentle, kind, powerful, funny, cool, and so much more. This season of my life, He’s all that I want. He deserves it, He works so hard for us, more than we can imagine, and I want to honor Him, to honor God, for all that He’s been doing especially these seasons of difficult times.

Fight of faith

Speaking of such a season, who among you felt it? There’s so much shaking going on in the spirit’s realm and it’s manifesting right here on earth. The battle has been won by Christ yet there’s still a fight going on, and that fight is not of flesh and blood, nor about the powers of demons because they have been defeated but it’s a fight of faith.

The Apostle Paul says, “Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses” (1 Timothy chapter 6 verse 12).

Yes, we are fighting for our faith in God and in His Word. The enemy has been roaring, “Does God really care?” “Is God really good?” “Why does God allow bad things to happen if He is such a good God?” “Why does God take the lives of good men?” “If God is powerful, why didn’t He just stop all the bad things from happening?”

And there’s probably more to add to these lies and doubts the enemy has been whispering to many in order to take away their faith in God, in Jesus Christ, and in the Word. Jesus said in Luke 18 verse 18, “…But when the Son of Man returns, how many will he find on the earth who have faith?”

The Lord will return for those who persistently, consistently, and unceasingly believe in Him no matter what may be going on. He said that those who endure to the end will be saved (Matthew chapter 24 verse 8).

God’s got you beloved

That’s why I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit. His job is to keep us in the race of faith, fighting with us and helping us in this fight of faith. He is so dependable. Growing up to be an independent person, then learning dependency towards God, I am so grateful that I have the best of the best I can depend on.

He is God and He is right here, as close as my mind and heart. He is a whisper away from my ears, gently guiding, reminding, encouraging, uplifting, cheering on, and empowering me in all seasons of life. There’s no going back, no turning back, there’s just no way back because you know life is not found anywhere else but in His presence alone.

I just want to share with all you beloveds out there who may be going through a shaking season, the Holy Spirit’s got you! You can trust Him! Lazarus died but Jesus raised him to life.

If you feel like your faith is dying, your love is getting cold, you are losing hope, and getting swept away by circumstances in this world, call out to Him, call for His help, and He will come to rescue you, revive you, empower you, fill you with so much faith, so much hope, so much peace, love, and so much life.

Turn your eyes towards Him. He is saying to you, “I’ve got you. Trust in Me.”

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